Terms of Use
  1. 1.From time to time photographs will be provided in the class environment for teaching purposes. The photos may be re-created in any art form and any medium, including digital manipulation. They may be cropped or combined together to create a new image. They are not to be used in any print or electronic format in their original form, size and format. Cropping or resizing a single image does not constitute an acceptable change from the original format.

  1. 2.The name and logo for ImaginaryTrips.com, is copyright protected and may not be altered in any way. Written permission must be granted for use outside of class projects, in print, electronic or any other form of reproduction.

  1. 3.All content, lessons, and videos are copyright protected and are the property of Laure Ferlita and Imaginary Trips, and may only be used in the class for purposes of instruction and learning. Before sharing any class information in print or electronically with individual(s) not in the class, please request written approval from the owner, Laure Ferlita, of the content. Under limited circumstances, approval may be given. Under no circumstances are any videos created by Laure Ferlita and Imaginary Trips to be redistributed on the Internet, posted on the web or posted to any video hosting web sites.

  1. 4.Vimeo.com is a video sharing service that streams video to certain locations as instructed by the video creator and  owner. In order to watch the videos within the class environment of ImaginaryTrips.com, it is necessary for the User to create an account with Vimeo. The User agrees to create the account and hold harmless Laure Ferlita and Imaginary Trips if any harm should befall the User through their account, use of the account or use of the videos.

  1. 5.The User acknowledges that classes are open to anyone over the age of 18 without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

  1. 6.From time to time images from Google Street Maps may be used in a class environment. All images of Google Street Views are copyright protected and the property of Google. Google has given permission for the use of the Street View images to be re-created as art in the form of drawings, paintings, etc., as long as the actual screenshot/image from Street View is not used. The User may not incorporate any original Street View image into the actual art, e.g. collage. Digital manipulation of Street View images is not allowed. Per the agreement with Google, the User may sell any art created from Google’s Street View images. The User does not have to give accreditation to Google in the actual painting or in titling. If a screenshot/image of the actual Street View image is posted online or physically, the image must include the Google logo and copyright info and it must be visible. Please note that some classes will not use Google Street Views.

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