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An Imaginary Trip To Selby Gardens - Now Open!

I made the statement that if I walked out onto the courtyard blindfolded and spun around, it would not matter what direction I faced when I stopped and removed the blindfold because there is something worthy of the sketchbook page no matter what direction you look! From lavender to bromeliads to water features to topiaries and plants of every make and model, there will be plenty to see and do! Please click the title for more information.

MORE Locations will be added in the Near Future!


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The Imaginary Trip Series of classes are longer in length than an Imaginary Visit and help to build up our skills so that we can begin to actually create on our own when we go on a real trip to a fabulous destination!

We’ll learn to use all of our senses rather than just our eyes. Our stories will be full of those special details that will help this be the vacation to remember long after it’s over! On this fun-filled imaginary holiday, you’ll learn how to:


  1. simplify complex scenes

  2. eliminate unnecessary details

  3. capture the essence of a scene in a limited amount of time

  4. test art supplies to find out what works best for you on location

  5. and best of all, you’ll “come home” with an extraordinary travel sketchbook full of all the wonderful places we will visit!

Our focus will be a mix of intimate (macro) images as well as larger scenes, giving time and attention to our “emotional connections” to a given location.

The length of the Trip classes has been set at 6 assignments with one assignment per week. Video demonstrations are provided for all classes. Different techniques will be provided as well as creative writing prompts. There’s also a lot of information about each place we visit—you’ll feel like you’ve actually been there!

Individual (and gentle) critiques are provided for each piece of work posted. Suggestions for growth and improvement are given in a secure environment. Everyone has email access for any questions that may come up during our “trip.”

Students who enroll in this class should have the following:

Art Skills

  1. Basic drawing skills including an understanding of shapes, shading, values and perspective

  2. Basic painting skills including an understanding of washes, values, shaping and shapes (While it is not necessary for you to use watercolor, all demos and techniques will focus on using watercolor as the main sketching medium)

Computer (User) Skills

  1. Use of email (to receive class details)

  2. Participation in a blog environment (how to post images, make comments)

Computer Technology Requirements

  1. Computer with high speed internet connection

  2. Email (to receive class information)

  3. Scanner or digital camera (for posting images)

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