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“An Imaginary Visit!”

Imaginary Visits provide you with a shorter class but all the fun of sketching, painting and learning new skills!


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The Imaginary Visit classes are highly interactive with critiques from Laure and feedback from other travelers. The Visit classes are shorter in length than the Imaginary Trip classes. Destinations are truly imaginary in that they are not based on a specific locale, like Paris or Italy. They are based on a season or general location like a garden or the beach. In these classes, we’ll learn to:

  1. Evaluate everything and distill it down to what touches you as an artist

  2. Render color and texture quickly and convincingly

  3. Simplify scenes down to their essence

  4. Embellish and exaggerate certain aspects of a scene to really make it sing

Our focus will be a mix of intimate (macro) images as well as larger scenes, giving time and attention to our “emotional connections” to a given location.

The length of most Visit classes is 4 weeks long with one assignment given each week. Video demonstrations are provided for every class. Different techniques will be provided as well as creative writing prompts. Some classes may differ. Please check individual class pages for details.

Individual (and gentle) critiques are provided for each piece of work posted. Suggestions for growth and improvement are given in a secure environment. Everyone will have email access for any questions that may come up during our “visit.”

Students who enroll in this class should have the following:

Art Skills

  1. Basic drawing skills including an understanding of shapes, shading, values and perspective

  2. Basic painting skills including an understanding of washes, values, shaping and shapes (While it is not necessary for you to use watercolor, all demos and techniques will focus on using watercolor as the main sketching medium)

Computer (User) Skills

  1. Use of email (to receive class details)

Computer Technology Requirements

  1. Computer with high speed internet connection

  2. Email (to receive class information)

  3. Scanner or digital camera (for posting images)


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